For places such as hotels, hospitals, dorms and guesthouses where there is a huge turnover of customers, we use the highest quality threads that are densely woven to provide durable fabrics. We manufacture custom-made products with unlimited fabric options that can be washed regularly, do not stain easily and can have special prints for any size you desire.


We provide our customers with all types of towels from every size, weight and design with unlimited colour and model choices. According to your requests we can make special embroidered stitches or special prints. With our jacquard and lace options, we promise a product that will stretch the limits of your imagination.


We use premier quality fibres for our duvets, and according to your needs we can fill our duvets to whatever weight required. The duvet case can be made from an unlimited range of durable fabrics. Like our pillows, our duvets can be washed again and again for a long and useful life. Our duvets are quilted to a size and pattern to meet your requirements.


We use premier quality fibres for our pillows, and according to your needs we can fill our pillows to whatever weight required. An unlimited choice of durable fabrics is available for the covering. All our pillows can be washed time and time again to ensure a long, useful life.


Whatever your business, we provide solutions for every taste, budget and need with our flawless workmanship and unlimited fabric options, with choices of thread count, material and pattern/design; we also provide special and customised designs.

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