We have been providing services within the textile industry for over 30 years from the first moment we started working in the retail sector in 1985.  By combining our sector experience with our 10 years of international trading experience, as manufacturers we stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers. Our aim is to present you with the best products at affordable prices.

We guarantee satisfaction with our fast, flawless workmanship, affordable prices, and second-to-none aftersales support.

Our main policy is to provide 100% customer satisfaction; we started this journey by promising this to our customers.

We have several unique products including duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, pillows, duvets, multi-use covers, under sheets, and towels for every need; we supply wholesalers nationally and internationally with our vast array of products suitable to all tastes and budgets.

For places such as hotels, hospitals, dorms and guesthouses where there is a huge turnover of customers, we use the highest quality threads that are densely woven to provide durable fabrics. We manufacture custom-made products with unlimited fabric options that can be washed regularly, do not stain easily and can have special prints for any size you desire.

For all your orders you can experience the advantage of the most affordable prices for the manufacture of your specially designed products, straight from the factory.

-لقد كُنا نوفر خدمات في صناعة الغزل والنسيج من اللحظة الأولى من عملنا في قطاع التجزئة عام ١٩٨٥.
-بعد إندماج خبرتنا في قطاع التجزئة مع عشر سنين خبرة عالمية في التجارة، سوف نهدف لتقديم أفضل المُنتجات بأفضل الأسعار.

-نحن نصدق انك تستحق الأفضل.

-بيع مُباشر من المصنع للفنادق.
-الرضا مضمون ١٠٠٪؜.
-يوجد قابلية للإسترجاع بلا حدود.
-إتصل بِنا في أي وقت وسوف نقوم بزيارتك في أي مكان.
-سوف نوفر لك أفضل الأسعار حتى ولو كانت قطعة واحدة.

-يمكنك إختيار التصميم الخاص بك.
-يمكنك إختيار وتصميم التطريز الخاص بك.

-إستمتع بخصم ٤٠٪؜ حتى نهاية شهر مارس.

-نقوم بتوصيل المنتجات بدون وسيط مع مثال من دايزي هوم

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